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Metallic Epoxy Floors St. Paul

Metallic Epoxy Floors St. Paul

Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul take care of the clients and provide them hand woven services. Our clients love to hire us for enhancing the beauty of their floor because our services provide them with exciting look of their floor.

Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul are multi-layered

Metallic epoxy is the special multi-layered coating in St. Paul. The metallic varnishing system use the metallic mixed into clear epoxy coating to generate many interesting effects. The powder present in the varnish continues to spread on the floor without any extra labor. The metals used for such mixtures are in continuous movement that provide different color scheme to the floor.

Types of Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

We offer mainly three different types of metallic epoxy flooring depending on the situation or place that where the coating will be installed. All types of flooring cost the same for our clients but durability is guaranteed.

Color scheme of Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

Our flooring system provide you with unique color schemes. The selection of the color for the floor id thee choice of the client. The combination of color also increases the variety for the color which in turn also enhances the look of floor.

Installation of Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

There are two different techniques while installing Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul. In each of our system will serve as your main coat, creating a permanent and strong bond with the concrete. The techniques used for installation are;

  • Metallon 500
  • Metallon 50
  • Metallon 100

All these techniques build high quality flooring, only the different among them is the raw material used. The fixing process is almost same, the constituents are mixed with drill mixer and then spill it on the floor.    If you want to add more coloring than different color are mixed during the mixing process. The final coat of the floor is performed by high density chemical that provide the security against heavy traffic.

Colors available for Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

Metallic epoxy floor coating in St.Paul have twelve standard metallic colors, however, our customer is not limited to only twelve color options. You can also choose a multiple different metallic colors throughout your floor, allowing you for the endless amounts of designing originality and personalization.

Advantages Metallic Epoxy Floors in St. Paul

There are many advantages of the metallic epoxy floor in St. Paul. Few of them explained below.

  • Metallic epoxy floor coatings can be design to become extremely durable.
  • Low yellowing of floor.
  • Unbroken when heavy traffic of heavy material is placed on it.
  • Slip resistant – do not contain chemicals that causes slips due to greasy appearance of floor.
  • Chemical resistant – whenever any chemical spill on it, it don’t damage the floor design and color scheme.

By using Metallic Epoxy Floors in Saint Paul Minnesota not only your floors look beautiful, but will meet all of your requirements of strength, durability and safety.

Polished Concrete-Palm Beach

Polished Concrete-Palm Beach

Are you thinking of renovating your home floors? Are you interested in renovating your office floors? Are you tired of your old concrete floors? Then do not worry. Epoxy Floors Palm Beach has got you covered. We have the perfect solution for your old concrete floors and if you are thinking of getting new ones we have got just the thing for you. We bring to you “Polished Concrete”. These floors do not need any waxing to maintain their shine.

Epoxy Floors at Palm Beach use the latest technology to come up with polishing techniques for your floors. We use the best quality polishing equipment to convert your old or new floor into a glossy finish. We have managed to renovate the floors of warehouses, retail stores, home patios, pool decks, office facilities, malls, etc. This happens to be a cheaper alternative to the expensive stones like marble, granite, tiles, etc. You can make your floors look like these expensive stones without actually paying a humongous amount.

Epoxy Floors Palm Beach also give our customers the opportunity of selecting the level of shine they want on their floors. Customers can choose from a subtler finish to a shiny glossy finish. As a result, polished concrete becomes a very useful option that can easily be adapted according to your requirements. Check out the top best epoxy flooring contractors on

Polished Concrete-Palm Beach

Furthermore, these floors come with many advantages so you will not feel as if you are wasting money. The floors have a high life span and they will last you for a long time without heavy maintenance costs. Polished concrete of Epoxy Floors Palm Beach are resilientto abrasion, grease, chemical spills, tire marks, oil, etc. they can even handle high foot traffic.

Epoxy Floors are also customizable. This means that you can get the look you want easily. You can choose the colours you want and the designs you like from a range of decorative options. These floors also highly reflect light and thus can cut down your electricity costs. They can make your business and homes look sunnier and cleaner. You will not have to install artificial lights.

Furthermore, Polished Concrete is resistant to moisture and this is because the concrete floor is tightly sealed. The permeable concrete surface is transformed into a smooth surface that makes liquid, grease, oil and other substances glide on it and not go deep inside the concrete. The polished concrete floors are also resistant to vehicle traffic. You do not have to worry about a lot of people walking in your home or office damaging your floors. Heavy machinery will also not damage your floors’ polish. Resultantly, this makes these floors low maintenance and becomes a selling point for them. Epoxy Floors encourages you to make this purchase as it is an investment that you will not regret. We have a team of well-trained staff who would handle your floors properly. They are professionals with years of experience and can guide you through every step. So hurry up and call us.

Holiday Homes and Vacation

Holiday Homes and Vacation

It’s a great place, in a perfect location! The ocean water is turquoise blue, and the perfect temperature for swimming! This beautiful Cancun condo is in an oceanfront complex, with a beautiful Caribbean ocean view. Shown is the beach in front of the condo.

The Girasol condos are on a gorgeous white sand, swimming beach, in the top of the hotel zone. It’s across the street from the “hot spots” of Cancun- Sr. Frogs, Coco bongos, etc. You are walking distance to good restaurants and shopping, and the Cancun nightlife and entertainment. The complex is located on a magnificent, pristine, powdery sand beach. It is a larger studio unit, and can sleep up to 6 people. A great deal!

Holiday Homes and Vacation

The condo has a large room, with 2 full beds. It has a kitchenette with utensils, dishes, microwave, apartment sized refrigerator. The unit is fully furnished, with 1 full size futon couches in the living area. It is a spacious and nicely furnished condo. There is a lovely balcony with patio chairs and a table. You can sit out and savor the lovely ocean view, or enjoy a scenic meal outdoors! Sleep to the soothing sounds of the ocean waves! There are marble floors throughout the condo. The condo is furnished with a telephone, TV with cable, A/C, fans, laundered towels and sheets, and it is professionally cleaned in between rentals. The condo complex has security guards, a convenience store nearby, condo management office (with phone access for a fee), tennis courts, and private parking for guests.

The powdery, white sand beach is only a minute walk from the condo! This gorgeous beach has crystal clear, turquoise blue, warm water. It’s a perfect spot for families, or just the two of you! The condo is located in a great location- close to all the action!. It has easy access to the bus lines that run up and down the main strip. It’s in the top of the hotel zone, close to what’s happening! It’s a fantastic vacation spot! Fast food restaurants are close by, as well as fine dining. You will be staying near many activities. The area has water sports of all kinds. You are close to fishing, boating, snorkeling, boogie boarding, swimming, golf courses, night clubs, entertainment, excellent restaurants, water parks, shopping centers, and flea markets. They are all only minutes away by taxi or bus. You can also visit Mayan ruins, jungle tours, swim with dolphins, or snorkel in the coral reefs. Visit Tulum (Mayan ruins), bargain shop at the flea markets, or, just take it easy and soak in the sun! You can walk on the white sand beach for miles! 

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